Wednesday, November 6, 2013


           Wawrinka has sufficient upper body strength
not to be intimidated by Nadal.And it shows -
the fact thefact that he is not intimidated
      Yet he has never taken a set from Nadal.
This is curious in that they have fought through
many extended tiebreakers.
         The fact that Wawrinka, for periods of
time during his mental lapses, still hits series
of shots into the net - indicates that Nadal
still has Wawrinka psyched out to some extent.
But Stan has nearly turned the corner on that
psych-out, and it's exciting to see him on the
edge of victory.
          He's got the shots and the strength
to beat Nadal... he just needs a little
tune up in the psychology of the game.
          He's so close to winning he can
taste it, and so can everybody else in the
audience - that huge tennis stadium in London,
everyone can sense how close their match
really is.
          I'd rather see a Nadal/Wawrinka
match than any other match between players in the
top ten.
          You really don't know what you're
going to get, but you're going to see
a fantastic variety of shots.

           It's important to remember that Stan
was Federer's hitting partner for years.That's
got to help his consistency and mental acuity.

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