Friday, January 17, 2014


             Two older style players - Gasquet and Robredo -
playing a beautiful game.  Robredo's one handed
backhand crosscourt is very challenging.   Gasquet
is a complete player...and he will rush the net. 
       I have to believe the net game will come back into
tennis more and more. Everybody's started to rush
the net more in the last two years, because it works.
       But with guys like Nadal who can pass you with shots
from outside the tennis court, it's tough... 
       Nevertheless  almost everybody is thrown off when they notice the opponent's rushing the net. It's best to make a little noise while your charging up, and if you have the time,
run with your raquet high in the air - shout while you're
at it.
        (Actually, this tactic will work in club-level
play, even top level club play... but try it at the
Australian open, they'll kill you. Not enough time
to raise the racquet, shout, and get the
raquet back down again to hit a ball)
         It's considered bad form, even in club
play, but it works more often that. So make up
your own mind about what to do.
         You have to be in the NOW for any fast sport,
but especially tennis... no other thoughts of past
and or future. As you know this is my constant 

         The Istomin vs Djokovic match is shaping
up to be a beauty.... depending on how much
adrenalin  Istamin can muster. Very quick-paced
contest... At the moment, Djokovic looks
unbeatable, but things change as the hours pass...
when 3 sets are required to win a Grand  Slam.
         In the third set Istomin attained that higher
gear he is capable of... but not for long.

          Murray has never won the Australian Open.
Is this his year? It could be.
          Andy works out in Miami, so he should be
used to the heat somewhat.
           The surface suits him.

          Federer doesn't have the ranking he used to have,
but he's so steady very few opponents will be able
to stay with him... Beautiful strokes!

          Djokovic has won Australian Open, what is it?
Four times. He looks damn nearly unbeatable.

          I haven't seen Nadal yet in this tournament,
but of course you can never count him out.